Princess Azula.
Why don't you stop thinking about the tides who have made up their mind about killing you, and think about me, who's still mulling it over. [Independent Azula RP]

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Its cold inside 

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“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

Cold // Unbearablybleak


Mai often wore the mask of boredom to protect herself; who could break a girl who didn’t feel? What as there to hold against her? Nothing. That had been the plan since she was a young girl, learning that emotions made you weak— acting perfect, untainted was the only way to go.

But now she was shattered. Broken to what seemed well beyond repair.

Her baby, her sweet innocent child…gone.

Though the princess feigned innocence, Mai knew better; Mai knew she was trying to break her even more with her cold and calculated words that only served to cause more distress than the young meant-to-be mother was already in.

In her own pain, she didn’t notice the struggles Azula was going through herself, the images and words of her mother seeping into her mind and throwing her off balance.

Silence was Mai’s only answer…what was she supposed to say? Her throat was dry and her limbs were heavy. The effort it took to fight back was simply too much to gather.

"You do know don’t you?" Azula chimed, it was—calming, watching her stoic demeanor fall to pieces right before her eyes. That, was what she wanted, that was all it took, rip away her foundation, and watch the ground crumble beneath her feet. Now, the princess would gladly, set that shattered foundation ablaze, and  dance in the ashes.

Her fists uncurled as the voice ceased, feigning to her whim, as it should, as every voice should. “Come on, say something, you must be upset—no worthy mother, loses their child and feels nothing." Her words were laced with poison, and thick with her sense of revenge. She wasn’t entirely heartless—no. Normally, even an instance such as this, would go overlooked, and she likely would keep her sadistic thoughts to herself. But Mai, she—deserved it. For betraying her, for losing the fear the princess had so hard to inflict. 

I feel nothing.

There wasn’t an ounce of regret, and nothing would hold her back from further ripping the girl to shreds. “—you don’t even seem to care…i’m not surprised really. You never cared anything, i’m shocked you even managed to pretend to care about Zuzu this long.”

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“What is it this time, Azula?”

"I don’t recall ordering any requests—Uncle. But if you must know, your presence is already giving me a headache.”


Cold // Unbearablybleak

"Mai! You won’t believe the news.." The princess chirped, her tone laced with the same arrogance and lack of compassion as she was accustomed to. She had learned of the unfortunate events that befallen the assassin the and her pathetic brother, a now—it seemed the perfect time to seek her revenge for the infamous betrayal. 

"—I heard, there was a very unfortunate happening, right here, within the palace walls. I wonder what it was? Do you have any idea, Mai-Mai?”

Azula what are you doing? Mai is your best friend.

With a subtle twitch of her neck, the words came pouring in, the same sultry tone, and the softened syllables. She hated them. 

                      Get out of   my      H   e   a   d.

With a soft whimper her fingers jolted slightly, keeping herself from pressing them to her temple, try to suppress the voice that had been haunting her for years, and only ignited in it’s intensity before her—formerly, divine right to rule. “You wouldn’t know a damn thing, mother." she muttered softly, clenching her jaw but keeping her eyes locked on the soft pallid gold of the assassin before her. 

irohthedragon: "Regardless, the strategy left room for improvement; are you so stubborn that you won't indulge your uncle in a single game?"

"I’m offended uncle, I am not stubborn in the slightest, i’m just very choosy when it comes to who I will take advice from. You, for example, are just as much a failure as Zuko. Why would I even bother allowing a game as simple as Pai Sho with nothing but a failure?"

irohthedragon: "And failed to account for the necessary forces for occupying a city of 30 million, spreading the army too thin and allowing rebellions to spring up in the rear."

"The rebellions were lovely, hm? Blood spilling from innocent victims all for the cause of what—freedom? Ambition? Hope? Such sad ideals, i’m surprised our forces hadn’t wavered themselves."